Taking the gold Standard of Glaucoma treatment to the Next Level

The Optical Jet reimagines laser therapy with the first digital dual path SLT-YAG platform on the market. The Optical Jet platform is a comprehensive digital and imaging solution that streamlines practice efficiency and offers new ways to communicate with patients and peers. To add a state-of-the-art retinal care photocoagulator, choose the Digital Trio configuration. Experience laser therapy reimagined with the Digital Duet and Digital Trio.

 Laser Therapy Reimagined

As the first digital SLT-YAG system on the market, the revolutionary Optical Jet completely reimagines the platform as a comprehensive solution for digital imaging, treatment and practice efficiency. Diagnosis and decision-making are enhanced with digital image and video capture capabilities, seamlessly saved to the network and the EMR.*  The Optical Jet opens the door to a new era in laser therapy – one where the seamless integrated connectivity of digital images and video becomes the cornerstone of care. Experience how the Optical Jet:

  • Introduces image/video capture capabilities before, during, and after treatment to document pathologies, angle imagery and treatment outcomes – no need for additional imaging device
  • Seamless report generation, eliminating the need for laser logs and allowing quicker communication with referring doctors
  • Offers integrated direct, remote support, ensuring minimized downtime and practice efficiency
  • Revolutionizes the educational paradigm by enabling live training for students and images/videos for studies and lectures

 Superior Optics with Maximum Accuracy

State-of the art optics provide optimal visibility of the trabecular meshwork and anterior segment. 

Optical Jet™ Specifications

YAG Photodisruptor ModeWavelength1064nm532nmEnergy0.3-10 mJ per pulse,

up to burst of 3 pulses

Pulse Duration

3 nano-seconds

Repetition Rate

3 Hz

Spot Size

8 μm400 μm

Digital Camera

High Definition (HD) Resolution


Price: $8,995

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