Introducing the latest innovation in personalized anti-aging solutions; ENEO TOTALÉ.TOTALÉ Delivers a tailor-made anti-aging ritual that reveals smoother, more radiant-looking skin.Made with innovative anti-aging technology developed by a Nobel prize-winning scientist.The second-generation skin rejuvenation device is designed to deliver the most luxurious and personalized experience yet.ENEO TOTALÉ – for your total experience and results.

Before You Start

Cleanse the skin, making sure to remove any makeup, oils, or other impurities. Once done- dry your skin. After treatment, it is recommended to apply a moisturizing cream to the treated skin areas.


Apply the TOTALÉ on your skin while applying mild pressure, glide the TOTALÉ in small V-shaped motions from bottom to top, and treat each area for 4 minutes. Finish your treatment by applying moisturizing cream to the treated areas after each session.

Treatment Regimen

To get the most out of your TOTALÉ it is recommended to use it three times a week for the first month, and after the first month to maintain results- use it once a week.


Activate your warranty by registering your product within 10 days of purchase. TOTALÉ includes a lifetime limited warranty.

Collagen Production

The most significant benefit of red light therapy is the effect it has on the body’s cells. When our cells are provided with support to operate at or close to their optimum efficiency, the benefits for health and well being are countless. One of the most critical outcomes of red light therapy on cellular function is the stimulation of collagen production.

Collagen is the most common protein found in the body, constituting 70% of the proteins found in the skin (our largest organ) and 30% of the proteins found in the body. Collagen strengthens hair, is responsible for the health of connective tissue, and provides our skin with firmness and elasticity. As we age, collagen production decelerates, resulting in thinner, looser skin. The result is a more wrinkled appearance.

As we age, our body body produces lower levels of collagen, this factor is correlated with the appearance of aging signs in our skin. Researchers have shown that a reduced content of collagen contributes to wrinkles by weakening the bond between dermis and epidermis of extrinsically age skin. In older skin, collagen looks irregular and disorganized.

Since red light therapy restores cellular function, collagen production is also increased. As a consequence, individuals who regularly use red light therapy report that not only do they feel better and heal faster, but their appearance is more youthful and refreshed.